Hilary clinton would have made different U.S.as a president, isn't it?

    Hilary clinton would have made a different U.S. as a president, isn't it? It's an interseting question but we of course don't know the answer. The fact that some Democrats are asking themselves the question is indicative of how low Barack Obama has sunk in their estimation.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't president, but Dick Cheney says that if she were in the White House rather than Barack Obama, then things might be different today in the country.
    The former vice president told that Fox News Sunday that it's his sense that the secretary of state is "one of the more competent members" of the Obama administration. He also said that it would be "interesting to speculate" about how she would have performed as president. He also has struggled to empathise. The words are there, but not the feeling. He seems detached not just from ordinary people but from the role he actually performs. A typical speech will complain about gridlock in Washington, when he is now part of the system.
    Clinton lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to Obama, who went on to beat Republican John McCain in the general election. Obama named Clinton as the country's top diplomat.

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Hilary clinton would have made different U.S.as a president, isn't it?

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