Long Bob Haircut 2011

    Long Bob Haircut 2011

    Long Bob Hairstyles 2011 are the hot trends of the year. Bob hairstyle came back with a big bounce in 2011. Kate Holmes got all the credit in bringing back the bob hairstyles into fashion. Bob hairstyle was prevailing but it wasn’t as popular as it became when Kate Holmes made is such a hot trend in hairstyles. It suited her personality so much and it gave her a naught and younger look. Though the bob of Kate Holmes wasn’t entirely the classical bob hairstyles rather she made few adorable changes in the bob hairstyles to make it according to her face shape.

    The best change was made with the hair frame which created the opportunity for various other changes as well in the bob hairstyles. Bob hairstyles were actually the short hairstyles but when variations were tried, new forms of bob hairstyles came before media. The amazing invention in the bob was the long bob hairstyles 2011.

    Since the later part of 2010, there was a straight hair craze i.e. straight hairstyles were much in fashion. This trend gave the idea to mix it with the bob hairstyles which actually given birth to the long bob hairstyles 2011.Different haircuts were also introduced in the bob hairstyles. Now bob wasn’t only for a specific face shape and hair length rather long bob hairstyles 2011 made it possible for every hair length to wear the bob hairstyles.

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Long Bob Haircut 2011

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