Jackson Hole

    Jackson Hole.

    Jackson Hole HoleJackson EQ very first program in the political tone has changed. A vacuum of leadership in Washington who want to use restraint at all costs by the full. Tea Party believes that the domestic currency and central bank sterilization finance system more tolerant and understanding of the world will somehow. Those advocating nuclear disarmament as a little bit.
    Currently, the market short sellers reluctant crowd between trigger events trigger short covering in the amount of light is for sale and purchase. Growth and support a broad-based index of the battle lines are nothing, can do. We continue under any form of mental weakness of the movement should be ready for the 50% retracement. This means that growth in 1220-1250.
    Jackson Hole Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to the Nuba began to talk about policy prescriptions. The most popular last year, the central bank-set to purchase additional assets. The feed from quantitative deposits of $ 600 billion for the second round known as the finance ministry and has called for the purchase of securities. Officially launched last November is considered the ward round.

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Jackson Hole

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